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We are proud to announce that the CFC Foreign Weapons Course will now be offered at the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, GA. These two facilities are partnering to bring a world-renowned training program to this world class facility, easily accessible in the heart of the southeast.

Classes offer factory certifications from some of the top names in the firearms industry and are presented in a detailed curriculum with a balance between classroom and battlefield application.

Outlined below, is a sample five-day training class agenda. These classes can be customized to suit the specific needs of each organization, with the option to add or delete weapons systems, add more live fire or make adjustments to the amount of days.

Course Agenda: 

The 5-day Foreign Weapons Course teaches operators and armorers how to properly care for and maintain the most common foreign weapons encountered in current areas of conflict. This course culminates in an instructor-led live fire training exercise. Following successful completion of the course, the student will be awarded an Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course Certificate of Completion.

The following is a sample course outline, weapons and allotted time can be adjusted according to the needs of the class:

Day 1: Tokarev, Makarov, SKS, FAL and G3
Day 2: MP5, UZI, AK/RPK series, SVD Dragunov
Day 3: PKM series, RPD, DSHK, RPG Systems
Day 4: NSV, AGS-17, KPV(ZPU)
Day 5: Live fire at Range

Handguns - Handguns covered in this course include the Tokarev variants- Russian, Romanian, Chinese, Polish and others; Makarov pistols and variants from Russia, China, E. Germany and Bulgaria. Attendee is given the hands-on opportunity to perform general disassembly and discuss history and issues with the firearms.

Rifles - General rifles covered are the ones found in most combat zones today; SKS, FAL and the G3. Attendee is given the hands-on opportunity to perform general disassembly and discuss history and issues with the firearms.

Submachine guns – UZI and MP5 are discussed. Attendee is given the hands-on opportunity to perform general disassembly and discuss history and issues with the firearms.

AK47, AKM, AK74, RPK - the primary small arms of many of the world’s soldiers, as well as many insurgents are covered in chronological order of development and introduction. AK47 and 7.62x39mm variants first, including the sheet metal receiver AKM series, the RPK (Bipod mounted, magazine fed AK variant) and finally the AK74 - 5.45x39mm. Emphasis in the course is on understanding this primary weapon system, as well as field stripping, detailed disassembly and operating the AK family.

RPD - This 7.62x39mm belt fed machine gun is encountered around the world as a light machine gun, and the attendee is familiarized with the basic Russian, Chinese, Polish, and other models they may encounter.

PKM - The General Purpose Machine gun series PK-PKM is encountered all over the world and is considered to be one of the top machine guns ever made and is a primary weapon of Iraqi and Afghan forces. Class learns to disassemble, change barrels and operate the PKM series.

RPG 7 - The famous recoilless rifle system is taught in a manner to help the attendee fully understand this prolific weapon. Attendee will gain a thorough understanding of the history and function of recoilless rifles and rocket launchers. Covered are the RPG-2, RPG-7, the Soviet and Chinese families and their descendants, uses in theatre, anomalies, disassembly and armorer tips, optics and sighting as well as ammunition variants.

SVD - The Dragunov Sniper system is taught for disassembly and use as well as the variants.

DShK & NSV - These series of heavy 12.7 X 108mm weapons are brought into the classroom for disassembly and familiarization of models.

AGS-17 - This Russian origin design is prevalent on most battlefields today, in 30mm, with a range of 1700 meters. Current models are the AGS-17, AGS-30, and the Zastava manufactured model called the BGA-30. (No live fire).

KPV - The 14.5mm KPV (ground mounted) and KPVT (tank mounted) heavy machine guns are discussed and general disassembly and use is reviewed. (No live fire).

Ammunition - Ammunition of the former Com-Bloc and current production is discussed and identified in a manner comparative to the US/NATO standards along with feeding devices such as magazines and belts.


Topics covered include:
Safe and proper weapons handling procedures
General data and nomenclature for all included weapons
Design fundamentals
Unloading and clearing
General and detailed disassembly of weapons

Armorer-level disassembly topics include::
Component analysis & inspection procedures
Field stripping & reassembly
Detail disassembly
Repair parts & specialty tools
Special maintenance requirements
Assembly & function checks

Instruction on weapon specifications and diagnostics include::
Options / alternate parts
Model variations
Maintenance and inspection of weapon components
Identification and replacement of worn or broken parts
Care, cleaning and lubrication
Field maintenance
Cycle of operation
Malfunctions and troubleshooting, including immediate and remedial actions

During the course, participation in range drills is utilized to reinforce classroom instruction. Instructors focus on field-expedient maintenance methods to assist armorers/operators both in the field and on the range. These intense drills develop the ability to troubleshoot and fix a firearm when necessary to keep it functioning.

Range Drills Include::
Proper loading and unloading procedures
Zeroing procedures
Malfunction drills
Field-expedient maintenance
Performance under stress

For further information or to schedule a class please contact: or 702-564-0948

Arena Training Facility offers on-site lodging for your convenience

Factory courses are also offered on the following:

Dillon M134D Mini Gun, M2HB/M2A1/M2A2 Heavy
machine guns, M240 family General purpose machine gun, M60E6 General purpose machine gun,
Mk19 Belt-fed grenade launcher, McMillan TAC-50 Sniper rifle, M249 Light machine gun, M203 Grenade launcher, M320 Grenade launcher, Glock Pistols, Remington 870 and 700.

Classes can be created and scheduled for any of the firearms in our vast collection of weapon systems.

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