US Ordnance M60 Machine Gun Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course

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US Ordnance M60 Machine Gun Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course


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This 2 day course teaches operators and armorers how to properly care for and maintain U.S. Ordnance M60 Light Machine Guns. This course culminates in an instructor-led live fire training exercise .Following successful completion of the course, the student will be awarded an Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course Certificate of Completion rated for two (2) years.


Instructors cover the following in depth:
• Safe and proper weapons handling procedures
• General data and nomenclature for all M60 Series Machine Guns
• Variants and modifications to the M60 Series Machine Guns
• General and detailed disassembly of weapons and components
• Identification of mismatched parts and components

Instruction on armorer-level disassembly includes the:
• Feed tray cover
• Bolt to include extractor, ejector and stoning of surfaces
• Trigger group
• Gas system
• Barrel group disassembly, including the carrying handle
• Receiver group, including the bipod, ammunition hanger, fore-grip and rear sight assembly

Instruction on weapons-related specifications and tolerances includes:
• Barrel erosion
• Headspace
• Firing pin protrusion
• Maintenance and inspection of all weapon components
• Identification and replacement of worn or broken parts
• Care, cleaning and lubrication
• Proper weapons assembly
• Performance of a proper function check
• Cycle of operation
• Malfunctions and troubleshooting, including immediate and remedial actions

During the course, you participate in range drills to reinforce classroom instruction. Instructors focus on field-expedient maintenance methods to assist you in the field and on the range. These intense drills teach you how to troubleshoot and fix a machine gun on the spot when necessary to keep it functioning.

Range Drills

• Proper loading and unloading procedures
• Zeroing procedures
• Malfunction drills
• Field-expedient maintenance
• Reloads
• Performance under stress

Please contact Kathy Miller for enrollment or additional information:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 to Thursday, March 15, 2018
Course Agenda: 

• Introduction of the instructor(s) and class participants and description of contents of the course
• Safety Discussion, proper safety procedures
• History of the M60
• Loading and Unloading Procedures
• Clearing the Weapon and Making Safe
• Technical Discussion covering function and material
• Complete DS/GS level disassembly of the weapon
• Gun Parts Identification
• Ammunition available for the system ID
• Complete reassembly of the weapon
• Complete instruction for DS/GS level gaging
• Function checks
• Description of the operating components of the weapon
• Operating Instruction with Live Fire participation/Range Drills

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Signup for US Ordnance M60 Machine Gun Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course
US Ordnance M60 Machine Gun Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course

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