CFC MK46/48 & M249 Series Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course

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CFC MK46/48 & M249 Series Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course


This 2 day course teaches operators and armorers how to properly care for and maintain Mk46/48 & M249 type weapons. This course culminates in an instructor-led live fire training exercise. Following successful completion of the course, the student will be awarded an Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course Certificate of Completion rated for two (2) years.


Topics covered include:
Safe and proper weapons handling procedures
General data and nomenclature for Mk46/48 & M249 type weapons
Design fundamentals
Unloading and clearing
General and detailed disassembly of weapons

Armorer-level disassembly topics include:
Component analysis & inspection procedures
Field stripping & reassembly
Detail disassembly
Repair parts & specialty tools
Special maintenance requirements
Assembly & function checks

Instruction on weapon specifications and diagnostics include:
Options / alternate parts
Model variations
Maintenance and inspection of weapon components
Identification and replacement of worn or broken parts
Care, cleaning and lubrication
Field maintenance
Cycle of operation
Malfunctions and troubleshooting, including immediate and remedial actions

During the course, you participate in range drills to reinforce classroom instruction. Instructors focus on field-expedient maintenance methods to assist you in the field and on the range. These intense drills teach you how to troubleshoot and fix a firearm on the spot when necessary to keep it functioning.

Range Drills
Proper loading and unloading procedures
Zeroing procedures
Malfunction drills
Field-expedient maintenance
Performance under stress

Please contact Kathy Miller for enrollment or additional information:

Monday, August 7, 2017 to Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Course Agenda: 
  • Introduction of the instructor(s) and class participants and description of contents of the course
  • Safety Discussion, proper safety procedures
  • History of the MK46/MK48 & M249 systems
  • Loading and Unloading Procedures
  • Clearing the Weapon and Making Safe
  • Technical Discussion covering function and material
  • Complete DS/GS level disassembly of the weapon
  • Gun Parts Identification
  • Ammunition available for the system ID
  • Complete reassembly of the weapon
  • Complete instruction for DS/GS level gaging
  • Function checks
  • Description of the operating components of the weapon
  • Live Fire /Range Drills
Course Number: 
Signup for CFC MK46/48 & M249 Series Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course
CFC MK46/48 & M249 Series Armorer/Operator Maintenance Course

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