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Coming 2016!

Coming 2016: A full catalog of Weapons Training Systems. Consulting for the appropriate weapon systems and accessories for your department, agency or branch.

Who We Are

For over 60 years, Centre Firearms Company, Inc. (CFC) has been a leading provider of products and services to a broad range of customers.

Initially focused on local Law Enforcement, CFC expanded into the Federal Law Enforcement and Military markets, with its pioneering R&D work in the Laser Targeting and Blank Firing areas (Beamhit/SafeShot/Simunitions). CFC then established itself as a supplier of choice to the Commercial Entertainment (Movie, Television and Video Gaming) industry customers from its New York facilities, which it still serves today.

For over 40 years, Long Mountain Outfitters (LMO) has been a provider of firearms products and training services to its Military and Law Enforcement customers from its Nevada retail store and range facilities. During that time, LMO amassed a significant number of unique and foreign firearms that served as an incredibly valuable asset for its training customers

Our History

  • Begins supplying Op 4 Training groups with BFS

  • Sells R&D to Beam Hit/L3 for use in DoD contracts

  • Opens armorer training school in Nevada

  • Sells Safe SHOT products to Beam Hit

  • Assists in the Development of Simuntions blank systems.

Meet The Trainers

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    Matthew Babb

A US Army veteran, Matt instructs armorer classes on over fifty weapons systems, and is an NRA-certified Instructor on a dozen different weapon types.